Julia Studio

Forio has discontinued development & support for Julia Studio.

In order to best serve the Julia community, we are focusing our efforts on our platform, Epicenter.

Epicenter allows you to create web-based UIs for your Julia code in minutes.

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Web-based UIs for your Julia code in minutes.

Run julia with Forio Epicenter

Use Forio's platform, Epicenter, to build web-based interactive interfaces for your Julia code.

Epicenter can host your models, help you to build a UI, and share your powerful visualizations with the world.

Epicenter lets you build an interface with a drag-and-drop HTML5 tool in just a few minutes. Optionally, you can modify the generated code yourself using HTML, JavaScript, or any of the Epicenter RESTful APIs. Plus, your project is backed by our Distributed Model Service, which grows with the size of the job and the number of users — so your analysis scales automatically and your interface is fast and responsive for every end user.

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As a replacement for Julia Studio, Forio recommends Juno

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