Julia Studio is available free for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

To get started, just select the appropriate package for your machine and follow the on-screen prompts.

Julia Studio is a free, open-source, desktop application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition to an editor and integrated console, Julia Studio includes built-in support for version control with git. Plus, creating data visualizations is a snap using standard Julia packages.

Linux Version 0.4.4
For 64bit Ubuntu 12.04+


  • Ported from Qt 4.8.5 to Qt 5.1.x
  • Force reading .juliarc.jl
  • Add backtrace to error message in console
  • Help menu adjustments
  • On Windows: auto-uninstall with update
  • On Windows: install in proper 'Program Files' folder according to 32/64 bit version
  • Fixed multi-line console input
  • Fixed foreign keyboard entries


  • Bundled with Julia 0.2
  • Fixed multi-platform case sensitivity issues
  • Fixed multi line console input


  • Bundled with Julia 0.2rc2
  • Console accepts multi-line input with shift-enter
  • Empty lines and comments silently accepted
  • Proper suppression of semi-colon ended lines in console
  • Auto-indent in editor
  • Current directory persistent through sessions
  • Set current directory through context menu in file system panel
  • Show hidden files optional with toggle switch
  • Copy absolute path from file system to clipboard
  • Accepts foreign keyboard controle key sequences

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