Aftermarket Analysis Simulation

About Forio

Forio builds custom simulations and sells simulation development software to businesses, universities, and government agencies around the world.

Forio focuses on strategic planning and training simulations for mid- and senior-level managers. Forio provides development services (to build and launch a new simulation) and server software (to run simulations on desktop computers or over the web). Forio uses the system dynamics simulation methodology, developed at MIT, which works well for explaining the consequences of managerial decisions over time.

Forio software and services focus on training and performance enhancement. Simulations are typically geared toward medium- and long-term strategic and operational issues facing large organizations. Forio simulations are often used at corporate retreats as a way of enhancing discussion and explaining new initiatives, strategies, or competitive threats facing organizations. Forio has built simulations for audiences as small as 10 users to over 25,000 users.

Forio’s Business

Forio is a privately-held simulation software company based in San Francisco.