How Your Score is Calculated

You are scored for each round of the simulation. If you score perfectly during all rounds, you will get a cumulative score of 100,000 for the entire simulation.

Three factors determine your score:

  • Delivery times. Shorter delivery times will improve your score. Shorter delivery times mean that your customers receive your products sooner.

  • Inventory carrying costs. Reducing your inventory will improve your score. Smaller inventories mean lower inventory carrying costs. Be careful, though. If your inventories are too low, you'll have a stock out and increase your delivery time.

  • Production leveling. Maintaining even productivity from period to period makes it easier to run your plants efficiently.


The Lean Manufacturing Simulation was developed for Oracle by Forio Business Simulations. The simulation runs using the Forio Broadcast 2.0 web simulation server.

Photo (Introduction): Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 by whatknot.

The Lean Manufacturing Simulation is copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved.