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Learning Solutions and INFORMS: Forio March 2014 Conferences

Learning Solutions


Join Forio at the 2014 Learning Solutions Conference, March 19-21 in Orlando, FL.

Forio’s presentation, Creating Multiplayer Online Simulation Games, will be given by Michael Bean on March 20.

Abstract. Multiplayer online simulations and games are a great way to engage learners outside the classroom. Historically these games took months or even years to build, but now there are ways to create smaller multiplayer games relatively quickly. Instead of massive multiplayer worlds, simulations can be developed as multiplayer simulation villages that teach specific lessons to participants online. In this session, we will start by examining a couple of successful multiplayer games. Then we will quickly build a simple multiplayer game starting with a concept and building out a simple interface in a few minutes; volunteers will be able to play the game. The presentation will conclude with some guidelines for how to successfully build multiplayer games for learning.


Join Forio at the 2014 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research, March 30-April 1 in Boston, MA.

Forio is presenting a Technology Workshop, Creating and Publishing Interactive Online Operations Research Applications, on March 30.

Abstract. Learn how to get your operations research application running on the web in a free Forio account. If you don’t have a model with you, you can use a sample model to produce an interactive web OR application. We will start with an introduction to the Forio platform. In the first part we will help you get your model or optimization running on Forio’s servers. We’ll walk through the process of importing your model to the server. In the second half we’ll focus on creating an interactive user interface for your application. After the introduction, you will be able to work on your own. Forio will also provide a debrief on online analytics applications and suggest possible next steps for enhancing your own online tool. Bring a laptop if you would like to participate.