Welcome to the Georgia Water-Energy Nexus Simulator

How the simulation works

This is the graph area. The graph you select by clicking on the mini-charts below will appear here.

On the right is a measure of your cumulative power generation over time. If power demand and generation are in balance, then % Power Surplus will be 0, if it's negative, there is not enough power to meet demand.
The decisions area allows you to vary the key inputs to the simulation. These are what control the outputs. Try to meet the power demand while minimizing the costs, water usage, NOx emissions and carbon dioxide. Hit the "Reset" button above to get started, make changes using the sliders, then hit one of the "Advance" buttons to move forward. To start a new run, hit "Reset" again.

This simulation requires

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Water Consumption (millions of gallons a day)


Power Generation Decisions

Demand Decisions

* Change power generation to affect environmental indicators and cost.

* Change efficiency rates, population growth, and industrial growth to affect power demand.

Scenario Manager

Scenario Name

Use the Scenario Manager to name and save your runs for display on the graph.

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