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Cereal Box Design Interactive Game

PBS created this simple cereal box design interaction to help children understand how branding and advertising work. Although technically not a simulation, the interaction is nicely designed for a fun two-minute lesson about product packaging. (For non-US readers-- PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, is the public television network in the United States, similar to the UK's BBC1.)

May-21-04 12:49 PM 5 Votes Rating: 10.0 Rate this link
Journey to the Center of Energy Sim

Areva, a French energy company specializing in nuclear power and electricity transmission, has produced this adverSim called "Journey to the Center of Energy" that explains how nuclear power works, from mining uranium ore to the management of spent nuclear fuel. (Internet Explorer Only)

May-21-04 12:41 PM 1 Votes Rating: 7.0 Rate this link
Simulating Jupiter's Spots

Dr. Philip S. Marcus, a professor of mechanical engineering, has produced some climate simulations that demonstrate how some of Jupiter's spots may eventually disappear even as the giant red spot remains intact.

May-21-04 11:39 AM 0 Votes Rating: NA Rate this link

BBC News reports on a recently launched online virtual church. It's designed to appeal to people who cannot get to church, who don't want to go to a physcial church, or those for whom going to church once a week is not enough.

May-21-04 11:17 AM 1 Votes Rating: 10.0 Rate this link
Simulations and Entrepreneurship

Angie McKaig lists several ways that game play has helped her to perform business better. Her list includes: "Short term sacrifices are sometimes made to pursue long term goals", "Cooperation is preferable to hostile competition", and "Invest in your people" among others.

May-21-04 11:12 AM 2 Votes Rating: 4.0 Rate this link
Simulation Music Video: Remind Me

In the 1970s optical character recognition fonts like the E-13B font on the bottom of US checks were coopted by film makers and advertisers to give things a modern look. The Sims and SimCity's use of isometric projections is now used in advertising and in this music video by the Norwegian band Roeyksopp. [Video Player Required]

Apr-10-04 02:38 PM 0 Votes Rating: NA Rate this link
Simulate Animal Flock Behavior

Boids (Birds + Droids) is a simulation of animal behavior. Each bird follows three simple rules. The result is complex patterns of flight.

Apr-04-04 12:41 PM 3 Votes Rating: 8.7 Rate this link
The Value of Leadership Simulations

James Mathewson explains that, as the technology used to create simulations has improved and been reduced in price, more and more leadership and other soft-skills training materials have been converted to simulations.

Apr-04-04 12:11 PM 1 Votes Rating: 7.0 Rate this link
Cheating at Roulette with Simulation

Did a group of con artists really use a laser, a phone, and a computer simulation to take the London Ritz for over $2 million at the roulette wheel? There have been rumours that technology has made cheating at roulette possible by using computers to calculate the decaying orbit of the ball.

Mar-27-04 06:28 PM 0 Votes Rating: NA Rate this link
Wright Brothers Airplane Web Simulation

Wilbur & Orville Wrightís canard wing configuration probably saved the Wright Brothers from serious accidents as they learned to fly. However the designís longitudinal instability also made the plane difficult to fly. This simulation, based on Hooven's dynamic model, letís you experience how difficult it was to control the 1903 Flyer. The sim requires fast reactions.

Mar-14-04 10:52 AM 0 Votes Rating: NA Rate this link
Designing Virtual Worlds

It takes interactive computer game designer and Stanford PhD Will Harvey and his team years to develop a new the virtual world on the Internet. In this interview, Harvey explains how he designs his virtual worlds to anticipate advances in computer technology so his games wonít be obsolete when they are released.

Mar-14-04 10:28 AM 0 Votes Rating: NA Rate this link
Video Game to Help Flood Planners

A new video game simulates a flood plain in the United Kingdom over a 100-year period to help engineers work out strategies to cope with real-life flooding. Simulation users can choose between two global economic scenarios and four climate change.

Mar-14-04 10:18 AM 0 Votes Rating: NA Rate this link
Virtual Knee Surgery

The Center Of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio has created a simulation that teaches students how knee surgery is performed. In addition to being entertaining, the simulation interactivity increases knowledge retention. Warning: some of the procedures in this simulation are rather graphic.

Feb-13-04 06:31 PM 8 Votes Rating: 9.8 Rate this link
Vodafone's Future Simulation

This Vodafone Future Site is a beautifully designed simulation that serves as an advertisement for Vodafone and its vision of the future of mobile technology. In addition to demonstrating future technology, this interactive Flash exhibit illustrates the ability of simulation to communicate new ideas to a global audience.

Feb-13-04 05:33 PM 3 Votes Rating: 3.3 Rate this link
SimCity Classic

Maxis now offers SimCity classic as a free web simulation. (Internet Explorer only; free registration required). Play Will Wright's classic urban planning simulation that redefined personal computing simulations and simulation interactivity. Mike Perry developed this ActiveX version for the web.

Jan-21-04 01:59 PM 1 Votes Rating: 10.0 Rate this link
The Game of Politics

The 2004 US Presidential election has seen games and simulations used as technologies to persuade voters and engage activists. Clive Thompson, writing for Slate, describes the Howard Dean for Iowa game and other political simulations that have emerged in the last few years.

Jan-24-04 01:02 PM 2 Votes Rating: 9.0 Rate this link
New York City Marathon Simulation

This simulation of the New York City Marathon helps runners understand the course and prepare for the race. Participants can enter their desired finish time, generate a virtual racer, and include it in the simulation.

Jan-03-04 12:12 PM 6 Votes Rating: 7.8 Rate this link

Simulations have been create on business, sports, and war. Why not politics? Steven Johnson, author of Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software, explains that presidential politics lends itself naturally to the idiom and audience of today's simulations in this article from Slate.

Dec-19-03 08:47 PM 0 Votes Rating: NA Rate this link
Body Motion Simulation

This animated simulation, developed by a German biomotion lab, demonstrates what biologically and socially relevant information is conveyed in walking patterns. You can change the biological properties, personality, and emotions of a simulated walker.

Nov-16-03 08:04 PM 8 Votes Rating: 9.0 Rate this link
Using Game Theory to Explain Marriage Vows

Can game theory and decision analysis be used to why people get married? The author shows how two people can rationally enter into a commitment to voluntarily limit their choices in a multi-period game.

Nov-13-03 08:43 PM 0 Votes Rating: NA Rate this link
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