Allowing user to select CIN or OUT files before running game

there is a mention in the help system that you may wish to allow the user to select a scenario from, let’s say, a drop-down box. The action would allow a specific CIN (or OUT file) to be selected. The latter would be the output of optimisation (in Vensim) and so enable the user to simulate an optimal solution.

However, I can’t find a specific example in the help system to follow.

I am using Interface Builder.



Hi Lee,

You can set a list of cin files to be included automatically when a run starts in the interface builder. There’s an example of this here:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to dynamically choose which cin file to select in the interface builder. This is supported by the lower level APIs (e.g. available in the Javascript library epicenter.js) but this is not made accessible to the interface builder. (See the same link as above).

Let me raise this with our developers and see if there is a way this can be implemented.

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