Copying a project



I try to copy my project named “electricitymarkets” by following 16 steps that you described:


  1. Goto your working Project
    Ex. …//

  2. Select link ‘Download Entire Project’ (located at right-side of browser page)
    This will download entire project and save it as a ‘’ file

  3. Rename the ‘’ file to working project name with added date

NOTE: This is a great way to create back-up of project before updating project with major changes.

  1. Extract the downloaded Zip file, and locate ‘Pages’ folder
    Ex. …/static/pages

  2. Zip archive the ‘Pages’ folder

  3. Return to an Epicenter Account and select button ‘Create a New Project’

  4. Select link ‘Make Your Own Project’ and create a new Project Name

  5. Goto ‘Model’ page

  6. Select ‘Actions’ | ‘Upload File’, locate & select both model file & .cfg file from the extracted Zip file (from Step 3)
    Ex. …/model

  7. Goto ‘Interface Builder’ page and select either
    Turn-by-Turn or Run-Comparison type
    Ex. ‘Run Comparison’ selected

  8. Select ‘Project Home Page’ link (located at top)

  9. Select ‘Interface’ link

  10. Select ‘Actions’ | ‘Upload and Unzip’,
    locate & select file (from Step 5)
    Result: This will over-write your existing pages/ folder from Interface page

  11. Return back to Interface Builder page

  12. Goto ‘Global Settings’ | ‘Navigation Settings’ page

  13. Update your Navigations Settings by comparing it to your previous working Project (from Step 1)

And it didn’t work at Step 13. (The warning that I get is: Upload failed). So I did it manually by myself but now my buttons do not work and I do not understand why (Project name: Pilot2 -final_nopollution). Could you help me with this?

Also, the only way to copy projects is to follow these 16 steps?? Is there a simpler way?

Thank you


Backing up and restoring a project

Hi Busra,

You can also use an sftp client to copy/upload your projects to a new Epicenter project.

You can find the sftp transfer settings in your project page under the section ‘File Transfer’.

Username: Epicenter registered email address
Hostname: s
Port: 9042
Path: /account/project name

I’ve made a copy of your project and I am able to reproduce your reported issue where the ‘Simuler pour 1 an’ button and ‘Reinitaliser’ button are not working as expected.
We will investigate what is causing this issue.





Were you able to find the cause? I need to copy my project named “electricitymarkets” 4 times. Could you please help me with this?



Hi Busra,

We found the issue.

The steps that were provided did not include to upload the index.html file, because in most cases the index.html is not usually edited by the author.

But in your case, the index.html was either edited or your original project was using an earlier pre-release version of Interface Builder that created that unique index.html

So you have two options:

  1. upload your index.html file from original project to the new project

  2. edit the current index.html by editing the following line from…
    <script src="/tools/js-libs/flow/1.0.0/flow.min.js"></script>
    <script src="/tools/js-libs/flow/1.0.0-pre/flow.min.js"></script>

After trying both options, I was able to run a copy of your sim without any issues within my test account.