Is it possible to activate and deactivate sectors of a stella model in Forio?


Hello, I have a model in stella which contains several sectors. that is, it is as if they were several models connected to each other but that do not depend on each other. In stella there is an option so that from the interface by means of a switch I can activate or deactivate these sectors, which means that when running the simulation the variables of that sector are not taken into account, it is as if they did not exist and now I need Take this model to Forio Epicenter and do the same in an interface.

Thank you.



Hi Juan,

Unfortunately, Forio does not provide the capability to activate/deactivate sectors. You would have to include logic to turn on/off components of your simulation as model equations based on a numerical input. (e.g. an input that multiplies 1 or 0 against model variables).