Recover a project


How to recover a project if some accidental changes were made?



Please review steps below on how you can backup your Epicenter project.
This is a great way to create back-up of project
before updating your project with major changes.


  1. Goto your working Project

  2. Select link ‘Download Entire Project’
    (located at bottom right-side of browser page)
    This will download entire project (including model) as a compressed ZIP file.


  1. When you are ready to restore your current project
    (or a new project version with a different name)

Use an SFTP application to upload the archived files to your current project location.

You can find the ‘File Transfer’ information to configure your SFTP application at the bottom right-side of your Epicenter project page
(located in the same location of ‘Download Entire Project’ link)

  1. Unzip the downloaded compressed file (there will be 2 folders: model & static )
  2. Use the SFTP app to move the model to your project’s model directory
  3. Use the SFTP app to move the files & folder found in the Static folder into your project’s Interface directory

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