Separating training rounds



In my project, first, there will be training rounds (approximately 20 min) and after the announcement, subjects will start the final round where their payoff will be calculated.
I am not quite sure how can I manage it with Forio. The only possibility that I can think of is the following:

I can have a timer that is set to 20 min. After 20 min, I can have a warning saying that it is the final round now and restart button can disappear. But I do not want to interrupt the subjects in the middle of a round. Could you please guide me on this subject? Any suggestions?

Also, is it possible to make a button useless after a certain number of clicks?

Thank you



Hi Busra,

We are looking into the scenario you have provided.
We’ll let you know based on our investigation.




Hi Busra,

re: make a button useless after a certain number of click.

It depends on your use-case. A quick-and-dirty version is:

  var timesButtonClicked = 0;
 $('#mybuttonid').on('click', function(evt) {
    if (timesButtonClicked > 3) {
         $('disabled', true);

If the user refreshes the page he’ll be able to click on this again. An alternative approach involves using a model variable to decide when to disable it.

<button data-f-disabled="somebooleanModelVariable" id="mybuttonid">Click Me</button>

You’ll need to set/increment a model counter variable somewhere else.

re timer

Timers are very tricky to work with in Javascript. A naive approach would be to do something like the following:

<button id="timerBtn">Start Timer</button>
<div data-f-show-if="isTimeOver">Time over</div>
$('#timerBtn').on('click', function () {'StartTime',; //Assumes "StartTime" is a variable in your vensim model
setInterval(function () {'currentTime',; //Updates "currentTime" variable in your model every minute
}, 60 * 1000);

Within your model isTimeOver would return true only if “CurrentTime - StartTime > 20mins && Time > 3” or something like that.




I decided that number of clicks will not work in my context so I need to go with timer.

As I explained before, participants play the same game over and over again but first 20 minutes will be training and then there will be a last round. So, after 20 minutes, if they are in the middle of a run, I want to give them enough time to finish that round and restart the game for the last time.

I was thinking of having a timer starting from the first time they click on the simulate button.
The other alternative could be the following: I know more or less when they will start so if it is easier and less trickier, I can use the calendar time: like making an announcement on November 2 at 16:30.

In the context of timer, which one would you recommend? Other suggestions are also welcome.

Thank you



Using absolute time will be a lot easier, so would recommend that. You need to

  1. Convert the desired time to “epoch time” (it’ll be of the form 1509637747 - you can find a lot of online converters to do this).
  2. In javascript, have a simple loop which checks if it’s time every minute or so and if it is, sets a model variable. Something like (rough untested code)
var timer;'timeUp', function (value) {
   if (value === 1) {
      //variable has already been set
   } else {
        timer = setInterval(function () {
            var currentTime =;
            var targetTime = 1509637747;
            if (currentTime >= targetTime)'timeUp', 1)
        }, 60000)

The rest of the UI can be conditionally shown based on the timeUp with show-if and hide-if etc. You’ll need to double/triple check the timer logic and make sure the code for turning it off works fine, otherwise you’ll end up hammering the server and making gameplay a lot slower for your players.

You’ll need to update the targetTime in the code for each class of course. Let us know if you have questions.