Time-Series Variables - update of Time-Series Variables not possible in Powersim


Dear Support Team, Dear Community,

First of all, thank you for taking your time to read through and answer my question related to Time-Series-Variables

Is it possible to update Time-Series variables in Powersim using Forio and if yes, how can this be done?
So far when I tried to update a Time-Series variable, I got the error, that the variable cannot be set now.

The function that I have been using is:

Flow.channel.variables.publish(“Dimensionsdaten”, hourlyData);
with hourlyData being an Array of the mandatory length.

Even if I reset my model, the error persists!
Is there an example available that I can use as a refference?

Have a great day!



Hi Julian,
We apologize for the delay.
We will reach out to you after we further review this issue (as well as your previous posted issues).
You can also reach us at support@forio.com