UI - No output displayed


I am trying to simulate a vensim model with a few test variable outputs through the Forio UI. Unfortunately the graphs do not display the variables despite the model simulating. I am not sure what is causing this, I am using Chrome v74 so I don’t think it is a browser compatibility issue.


Would you be able to help with this?


Hi Luke – thanks for the note, and sorry for the difficulties.

I’ve responded in email. There’s a floating point error in your model in step 0, I think that might be the cause. When I run your model in Vensim I see that error.

I’ve sent you an email as well, let’s follow up with that as necessary.

Regards, WILL

Hi Will,

Thanks for your response, unfortunately we are still having issues with slow runtimes for our Vensim model through APIs. I sent you an email with a bit more detail, would you be available to discuss this over the phone?