View games played

An instructor who is using my simulation (Econland) is not able to view recently played games for his class (group: “Modul”). The only games that are visible through the facilitator access screens are ones that have been played 6 months ago. More recent games are not available. I wonder what the reason for this is and how it can be corrected. The students in the Group did play a number of games more recently, as can be seen by me when I “impersonate user” in Epicentre. Tim Rogmans

Hi Tim,

The issue was that the summary table only showed the last 100 runs by default and this group had more than 300 runs. I’ve fixed it so it shows the last 350 runs by default - so this group is good to go.

Showing more than 350 will make the page too slow to load - the newer version will have paging which gets around this issue.