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Importing from Excel

Forio will import Microsoft Excel models and convert them into Forio models. The Excel spreadsheets can be saved as Excel 2007 (xlsx), Excel 97-2003 (xls) or Spreadsheet ML (xml).

In order for the spreadsheet to be converted it must follow certain a few simple guidelines. A workbook can contain multiple sheets, but each worksheet must be entirely in either one of the two formats described below. Even a simple model will almost always have at least two worksheets: one for constants and parameters which don't change over the course of the model (Format 1); and one for variables which change over time (Format 2). Larger models may have (but don't necessarily require) multiple sheets of each format. You can download a sample spreadsheet to see an example of what can be converted.

Format 1: Variable list

The sheet contains two columns, where the first column is the variable name and the second column is the value. For an example, see the sheet "Assumptions" in the sample spreadsheet.

Specific rules:

Format 2: Data over time

The sheet is a table with time going across and variables going down. For an example, see the sheet "Income Statement" in the sample spreadsheet.

Specific rules:

After uploading the model file, you will be prompted to designate certain variables as decisions, which will be changeable by the end user in the interface. After that, you will be able to review the converted model.

Select User Decisions

A Forio decision is a user editable value. It will be initialized at the start of each run to the calculated value, but can only be changed by user input in following rounds.

To select a variable as a decision, click the variable in the left column and it will be shown as a selected decision in the right column.

You may also paste in a list of variable names by clicking the link "Enter a list of decisions" below the two boxes.