Leading Strategic Execution

Business Scenario Simulation

$295 / seat

Simulation Overview

Leading Strategic Execution™ is a two-round, digital business simulation in which participants align, communicate, motivate, and drive their direct and indirect teams to execute the organizational strategy in order to achieve revenue, growth, and profit targets.

The Story

Participants assume the role of an Operations Manager for ABC, Inc. In this role, they must translate the CEO’s high level strategy into priority initiatives for their Business Unit and then lead their people to execute flawlessly.

Faced with over 25 different business scenarios that are based on research of real-life situations, learners weave their way through an interactive story line that unfolds based upon the learner’s decisions. Learners react to events, interact with virtual colleagues, and directly respond to their teams challenges.

At the end of each simulation round, learners receive extensive written feedback on each decision and a simulation score card that is tied to the competencies critical to a manager’s ability to lead strategic execution.

Learning Focus

  • Identifying the priority business objectives and key results their area of responsibility needs to achieve based on organizational strategy.
  • Communicating these priorities to teams and individual contributors.
  • Translating the strategic priorities into performance objectives for their teams.
  • Overseeing multiple initiatives through cross-functional coordination and individual coaching, mentoring and feedback.

Topics Covered

  • Corporate Strategy Development
  • Ensuring Corporate Strategy Understanding
  • Aligning department/team objectives with the corporate strategy
  • Identifying and selecting priority initiatives to ensure strategic alignment
  • Developing Your Team’s OKRs
  • Managing Resistant Team Members
  • Assessing the effectiveness of individuals
  • Coaching and feedback

See it in Action

Each simulation comes with a Teaching Guidebook for the facilitator along with 1:1 facilitator training and free trials.

This simulation is by Advantexe and Forio

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