All Sims

Operations Management: Benihana

Manage operations and demand for a typical night at a Benihana restaurant.

Finance: Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity

Play the role of a large corporation during a takeover bid.

Finance: Capital Budgeting

Take on the role of CEO and evaluate capital investment proposals across the company’s three divisions.

Change Management

Decide the proper use and timing of change levers to establish credibility and achieve adopters within an organization.

Leadership and Teamwork

Attempt to summit Mount Everest with the help of four teammates.

Strategic Innovation

Play the role of the CEO of Back Bay Battery, managing a portfolio of R&D investments.

Marketing: Managing Segments & Customers

Allocate marketing resources to analyze and capture the most profitable market segments.

Finance: M & A in Wine Country

Manage one of three wine producers, attempting to merge or become a potential acquisition target.

Operations Management: Inventory Basics

Develop an intuitive strategy for balancing holding costs against ordering costs while avoiding a stockout.

Marketing: Pricing

Compete in a price war as the district manager for Universal Rental Car.

Operations Management: Process Analytics

Experiment with assembly process models and configure an efficient production environment.

Strategy: Product Launch

Maximize profit during a new product launch while making key decisions around marketing, pricing, and capacity expansion.

Project Management

Learn how to successfully complete a project initiative, while managing cost and time.

Supply Chain Management

Experiment with the bullwhip effect and demand forecasting in the context of making Root Beer.

Marketing: Platform Migration

Determine how to pursue new revenue sources for an enterprise software firm.

Strategy: Competitive Dynamics

Decide when to release a new product version and how to price it when working in a shared profit pool.

Finance: Working Capital

Analyze effects of growth investment and cash-flow improvement opportunities on working capital.