Create predictive analytics applications and educational simulations for web and mobile.

Share understanding, not just results.

Sample product
  • Web, tablet, or mobile applications for simple sharing

  • Secure access on your servers or ours

  • Friendly, interactive interface

  • Results and scenarios stored and easily retrievable

Build your own applications…


Create and publish professional online simulations. Use our drag and drop interface builder or API to create sharable applications available from any browser or tablet.
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Julia Studio

Julia is an open source programming language with a package system similar to R. Programmers who use R, MATLAB®, or Python will feel comfortable with Julia. Julia Studio is the first IDE for Julia.
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Easy multiprocessor computing. Access thousands of cores to run jobs in parallel. Built to work with Julia, the high-performance programming language for technical computing.
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…or let us create an application for you.

Predictive Analytics

Forio builds custom predictive analytics and data visualizations for corporations and public institutions to share insights and facilitate decision-making.
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Educational Simulations

Forio builds custom educational and training simulations for employees and students at corporations and universities. Ready-made educational sims are also available.
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