Authenticated end users - Event name change


I have a small professional plan which gives me 1 authenticated project with 40 end users.
When running sessions with let’s say 40 people per session, I would like to use the same end user names and passwords, but to distinguish between the sessions, after the first session I would like to change the “Event Name” in Group section by editing it. Is it possible?

Thank you,



Hi Busra,

There’s a couple of things you can do. You can delete and recreate the group. You can also edit the group by clicking the pencil next to the group name in the group list. (this includes the event name).

Note thought that you can have a max of 40 users signed up for your Small Plan account. Even if you delete them from the group, the users still exist. (You have to delete them from the End Users menu of your team home page). If you’d like more users, feel free to contact us at about an account upgrade.