Browser requirements (Epicentre)

Are there particular requirements for which internet browser / version people should use when playing a Forio simulation buit with Epicentre?

Hi Tim,

Browser requirements vary from simulation to simulation, but in general simulations built with the Interface Builder tool should support the following browsers:

  Firefox (Windows & Mac OS)
  Google Chrome (Windows & Mac OS)
  Google Mobile Chrome (Mobile Android OS)
  Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)
  Apple Safari 10 (Mac OS)
  Apple Mobile Safari 10 (Mobile iOS)

The Interface Builder authoring tool does not support Safari and on any mobile browsers.


Hi, Would you know the required Bandwidth speed for Eve3 sim or any Simulation

Our Internet requirements for the online simulations are pretty basic.
A solid wired or wireless network that can support your full group of users is

We recommend a basic “cable modem” speed internet of 1 to 10 Mbps.
Preferably the host computers/devices have access to a fast wireless
802.11N/G/B network or wired LAN network.

The IT administrator for the event location should be able to assist with

We also recommend testing the on-site location a day prior to the actual event
(to also make sure the wifi router has no firewall settings blocking
If there’s a network issue, please consult with the event’s IT


Any update on the Browser requirements (Epicentre)?
I suggest to have a section on Epicenter main landing page with updated info.

It seems that you Epicenter doesn’t support Opera browser. It throws:
Unknown error occured. Please try again. (com.forio.epicenter.skeleton.persistence.enforcement.AuthenticationProcessException)

Hi – browser requirements are recent versions of these browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Unfortunately, Opera is not supported.