Can I display table row titles in mixed case?

Can I display the table row titles in mixed case?

For example, instead of “DEPRECIATION,” can I show “Depreciation”?
And, if possible, I’d like to be able to bold some row titles.

Hi Bruce,

You can solve all of this with CSS and labels.

First, to get rid of the default capitalization of Financial tables, you can add the following CSS to your index.html file:

.f-financial-table tr>th { text-transform: none; }

This should be placed within the existing <style> tags in index.html.

By default, all table headers are bold (this is an HTML standard, not specific to Forio). However, you can easily override that with similar CSS:

.f-financial-table tr>th { font-weight: 400; }

Then, when creating labels in your table, you can simply use <strong>Label</strong>. So when creating your “Depreciation” label, you would create it as <strong>Depreciation</strong> instead.

If you want to do both CSS changes, your index.html first few lines should look something like this:

            .f-financial-table tr>th {
                text-transform: none; 
                font-weight: 400; 

Let us know if you have any trouble with this!