Changing Label/Variable and range on x-axis (time) in a graph


Hi everyone,

I would like to change the appearance of the X-Axis in my graphs. The model I am using is written in Vensim.

I currently use the time variable which runs from -150 to 371 (months). I would like to do two things:

  1. I’d like to truncate the timeline to start at 0
  2. I’d like to label the axis using years.

I wasn’t able to find this in the interface builder. Any help is much appreciated.




Hi Jan,

Please see Steps below to truncate the timeline for the Chart’s X-Axis
This is only for Line Charts & Scatter Charts
Note: There’s no options to do this for Bar Chart & Column Charts


  1. Select the Chart you want to edit its properties
  2. Select ‘Category (X-Axis)’ section
  3. Min field > enter the time value you want to start chart with
  4. Axis Title > enter text ‘Years’ to label the X-Axis

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