Creating multiplayer multiple run simulation game


We are trying to develop a multiplayer game which will have multiple rounds ( something similar to fishbanks but much simpler than that) . We have purchased the medium plan and have been able to add multiple end users to a world with the help of UI builder. However, we want to connect our interface with our model in such a way that input of any data from interface goes into our variable in model based on which user is logged in at that time.

For example, my interface will take price as input and store it in a variable in a model. There are 2 players playing against each other in this game. When player1 logs in , he inputs his price in provided box, clicks on a button and then he logs out. Then player 2 logs in and inputs his price in the same box as it was visible to player 1,clicks on a button and then logs out. This completes round 1 inputs and then our model takes these 2 inputs and performs the required operations and displays the result.

Now, we basically have to show only one box on the interface which will be visible to all the end users. However, based on which user is logged in , the input goes into a different variable in the model. If we use data-f-bind , we can link that interface input box to only one specified variable in our model.

Please help us to reslove the above issue



Hi Aashish,

Can you please send us a link to your Epicenter project to so that we can review and further investigate on your request?