Data Tables and Charts not working


I have created a an excel sheet, named ranges and imported it into my project. I’m now trying to create dashboard charts and reports charts and data tables in the interface builder. I’m using Time (years, in my case; 2020-2030) on the x axis. I have tried selecting one of many different y-variables from the drop-down, but none of them are showing on the chart. Similar issue with the tables.

Any advice on how to get this feature working?

Attached is the chart - there are two variables, both of which have been picked up from named ranges in the spreadsheet. The time variable was also picked up from the spreadsheet.
When I have seen it working (colleague’s spreadsheet) the system will populate the draft chart with data from the spreadsheet, using an animation to draw the line. This does not happen, nor does the system populate the chart axes with data from the spreadsheet.

Thanks in anticipation, for your help.

Is it possible that there is an issue with the way that excel is presenting the data to Epicenter?

In excel, my data is presented with numbers formatted so:


So a ‘.’ is used to separate thousands and a ‘,’ is used to separate whole Euros from cents.

I know in other parts of the world the format is different - e.g. in countries like the US, UK you would see:


Similarly when I use the CONCATENATE tool I would use a format such as:

=CONCATENATE(A$131;" “;A$67;” ";B139)

whereas in other parts of the world, it might look like:

=CONCATENATE(A$131," “;A$67,” ",B139)

i.e. the ‘;’ is used as a separator and not a ‘,’

This is also true for other formulae - e.g. =IF, =VLOOKUP, etc.

Could this be the reason why Epicenter is not reading/presenting the data?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Nicholas –

Sorry for the delay in responding. Did you figure this out? I found a sim “Test Sim” which I think belongs to you and it had data and charts. If not, can you give the URL in either a followup message or in a direct email to

In response to question on number formats – Unfortunately Forio only handles numbers in US centric formats with commas for thousands place and a period for decimal place.

We would expect that formatting your model internally in Excel in a different form would not affect this, as the raw unformatted numbers are being passed back and forth.

We encourage you to test with simple models.


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Thanks Will - sorted!