Display variable value, number of runs, multiple show if conditions in interface builder and reset the whole simulation

I am building a multiplayer simulation using interface builder and vensim model and I am encountering following problems :-

  1. I have two end users with names facilitator and purchasingDep. Now, first facilitator will manipulate the value of variable say ‘salvage value’. When user ‘purchasingDep’ logs in, the user should be able to see the value of ‘salvage value’ but not edit it. How can I achieve that.

  2. I have 5 different end users manipulating different variables. Once all the users submit their decisions, the simulation should enter the next step i.e 2nd run and so on. Also, I want to limit the number of runs to certain value, in my case 15.

  3. In the interface builder there is one section ‘Conditions’ in which I can specify the condition under which the variable is shown. How can I specify multiple conditions. The interface provides only 1 show if. I want multiple.

  4. Lastly, after certain runs, I want to reset the whole simulation i.e It should erase all the value of variables till now and runs should again start with 1 and time 1.

Please help.

Thank You


Sorry for the long delay in responding (had missed the notification). Did you figure these out?

  1. Create a a text box to show the value of salvage value by having it be “{{ salvage value }}”. Use a condition that shows the box if the user role is the “purchasingDep”. (Or whatever the role the user is assigned to).

  2. You can have the simulation automatically advance to the next round when a particular decision is and the simulation is advanced with “consensus”. In a multiplayer simulation in the button settings there should be a checkbox “require consensus”. This requires a player for every role to click the button before it is enacted. For example, if the button is “step” a player of every role must click it before the model is stepped.

  3. We only allow one condition in the interface builder. You could make multiple conditions in your model and combine them into a single variable which is true or false.

  4. You can reset the simulation with the run action “reset”.