Dropdown inputs


I have an input variable with a three state (large, average, small) setting for my model and was trying to use a dropdown input for access to the vensim variable. In vensim I use a dmnl variable (program size) and choose among the three states by selecting 1, 2, or 3 for the variable. My forio interface works fine if i Iuse the program size variable as a slider, but does not work if I use a drop down. Is there a reason this does not work as a drop-down?




Hi Andrew,

There should be no reason sliders and dropdowns aren’t inter-changeable.

I’d be happy to look into this, can you let me know your project name (and model file name)? You can email this to support@forio.com if you prefer.

Did you get any error messages when you tried using it as a dropdown? Or did it appear to work but just not set the variable?




OK - it seems to be working now. Thanks anyway!