Duration of visibility of class results in facilitator screen

In one of my simulations (Baristasim), the previously played games are visible in the facilitator screens for only one day. After that they disappear by themselves. For my other sim, this does not happen. Is there a setting I need to change or another way to resolve this?
Best regards, Tim

Hi Tim,

The issue is that the variables are not being saved to the database, so they are only available while the model run is loaded into memory. This is due to a missing context file which would specify which variables to save.

More specifically. When a run is started it’s loaded into memory. All variables are available for the page to display. After a certain amount of idle time (typically 30 minutes, but this is configurable), the run will leave memory and the variables will not be available.

However, if the variables are listed in the context file (*.ctx2) with the save property, then they are saved into the database. Not all variables are saved, just the ones listed. Those variables are available to the user or facilitator even when the run isn’t loaded. The benefit of this is that many runs can be displayed simultaneously in the facilitator page with a set of summary variables without having to load all the runs into memory (which takes time and has limits).

If you build the sim with the interface builder, this context file is created automatically.

I took a look at your sim. The current model used is “Barista Sim 27Oct2021.xlsx”. The context file needs the same name but ending in ctx2, e.g. “Barista Sim 27Oct2021.ctx2”. There is no file with this name.

However, there is a file “Barista Sim2.ctx2”. My guess is that your model used to be “Barista Sim2.vmf” and then you uploaded a new model. This file sets the save property for Cumulativeprofit, Time, Level, and Cumulativeprofitteacher.

So the short answer, rename or copy “Barista Sim2.ctx2” to “Barista Sim 27Oct2021.ctx2”. Then start new runs. Those runs should have the summary variables saved, and they will be permanently available for review in the facilitator pages without timing out.

Hi Will, many thanks for this response. I implemented your solution and it works. I think this may be useful for other people to know; if you change the model name then the name of the ctx file needs to be changed as well. Thank you again and best regards, Tim.