Error: Same HTML put to other pages automatically



I created a simulation and when I tried to run it, found out that two pages had the same information, I entered to the Interface Builder and discovered both the decisions page and the run manager page had the HTML from the Introduction page. This happened automatically. I wanted to know if this is a common problem and how to solve/prevent it. I did not download the entire project after doing some changes so does this mean I have to create these pages again? Thank you.



Hi Alejandro,

Please see our email response to your recent email to

We do not know what may have caused your other pages to have the same content as the Introduction page, but we will continue to investigate on our side.

Please review Forum Topic: “Recover a project



Hi all, seems like this happened to me too, twice. No idea how it happened or how to recreate it but one of my input pages seemed to automatically revert to the Introduction page html. (Interface Builder)

I backup regularly!





We are currently investigating.
There’s a possible timing issue when navigating quickly from Intro page to another and back during when an edit page is Loading.
In the meantime, please avoid navigating quickly between pages when you see the Loading (spinning mouse cursor).

Also, use backup (‘Download Entire Project’ link).