How to make a page with both graph and decision sliders/boxes


I’ve been using the Epicenter interface builder on the a Vensim code. But I want to have the sliders next to my graphs on the dashboard page and don’t want to have a separate page for that. Is it possible to do that without writing and digging into the code? I saw the “Creating Interactive Simulations…” ( ) and tried to add some lines to the html codes in the Interface Builder but it’s giving me errors. Is there any template for that? Is it possible to get that code in the webinar, edit it and upload it as a page?



Yes, you can create a simulation that has both sliders and output on the same page.

You can see the example simulation here:

Here is a link to a video that explains the process of creating a one-page simulation with inputs and outputs on the same page using a Vensim model:

To summarize the steps:

  1. Start a new project in Epicenter
  2. Upload your model to Epicenter
  3. Select Interface Builder
  4. Select the “Turn by Turn” simulation templates
  5. Select “+ Add Page” Select “Combination Input & Output Pages” from the “Page Type” dropdown


Thank you this was really helpful. But I have three more question. It would be great if you could help me on these too:
1- Is there anyway to also compare different runs in this kind of interface?
I tried to do it by copy pasting variables in my model (so that I can compare with base run) and graphing it on the same graph but it’s giving me error saying “VariableException: The variable name(####) is unknown”

2- Is it possible to put dates for X axis instead of simulation numbers?
3- Is there any way to add more graphs and decision sliders other than copy pasting the code in html?




Was there any answer to comparing runs for this type of sim?



Hi Paul,

To be able to compare runs you’d need to ensure a. all the runs are named and b. they’re all in the same step, neither of which are necessarily true for turn-by-turn sims (and hence why comparing runs is not an option there).

We are planning to add a"single page" template (inputs and outputs on the same page) for Run Comparison sims though, not sure if that satisfies your need.

Can you let us know more about what you’re building (either here, or at or we can have a quick call if that’s easier)? We may be able to offer more specific guidelines / support more features in the interface builder based on that.