Interface Builder - Table



I have a table with Interface Builder like the following:

  1. My simulation in Vensim starts at 2020 and ends at 2060. Time step is 1 year. I want that this table shows only the current year, not all the past years.
  2. I want to use also lower case letters.

The code in Forio is as follows:

How should I update it to have two things that I want?

Thank you



Hi Busra,

Nice job identifying the relevant code!

  1. You need to change all occurrences of data-f-repeat in that table to data-f-bind. However this’ll make it so you can no longer edit this table from the Interface Builder. I’d suggest building the table out to have all the rows/formats you need first and then editing the html.

  2. You can customize the styling with CSS. Add the following snippet to your index.html page:

.f-table th {
    text-transform: initial;