Multiplayer or single player from a facilitator admin panel

Hi Forio team,

We develop a simulation which we would like to have two modes: multiplayer and single player. Depends on the client preferences, facilitator from the facilitator admin panel should be able to set a flag (multi or single player) for a particular group.
Base on this setting/flag, we should slightly change the sim user interface.
In the future we plan to have parallel groups - multi and single player.
By this way, we are going to avoid to have two separate sim slots - 1. multi, 2. single.

It sounds quite straight forward scenario, but we cannot find something similar in the documentation and forums.

Is it possible to achieve this and how?

All the best, G

Hi –

Unfortunately, the built in templates support single player or multiplayer only. There’s no option for a hybrid version. You could of course build two URLs using the same model and make one a single player version and one a multiplayer.

In part, this is due to the different ways users interact with the single and multiplayer sims. The multiplayer models generally have coordination between decisions (e.g. all players must enter decisions to advance). They also have a common state when logged into from different browsers. Single player simulations tend to more transient, with users generally running within a single session.

If you build your own HTML files, it’s possible to build such a hybrid, but unfortunately not with the interface builder templates.