Object Object error when running runs compare sim


I’m getting the following error when I try to run a named run from the decsions tab as it switches to the dashboard in my runs compare sim app: “11:56:50 AM[object Object]”

The project is:


Any help is appreciated.





The error is because after simulating it’s trying to go to a page called “Dashboard.html” which no longer exists in your project. Your current dashboard is pointing to a file called “run-compare2.html”. To fix it:

  1. Within the interface builder click on the “Save and simulate” button, see properties on left
  2. You’ll see a property called “Navigate to” - change the dropdown to your current dashboard. You’ll need to manually change this again if you delete the page it points to.

As an aside I noticed you’re using sliders as 0/1 toggles in your simulation - we also provide a “toggle” component which may be better suited for this. To change it, click on a component, select “Choose a different component type” -> Inputs -> Toggle. It’s technically fine to keep it as a slider if you prefer of course, just wanted to mention an alternative.



Thank you - hopefully I’ll get better at diagnosing things myself! Regarding the toggle - great idea - but when I select “Choose a different component type” the only options are “text content” and “media”. I don’t see how to change it to a toggle. Can you help?



No problem - we also have plenty of room for improvement in providing more helpful error messages :slightly_smiling_face:

re: Toggle - my bad for the wrong instructions, the “Replace component” feature I mentioned does not apply to run-comparison simulations. We’ll make it available shortly, but in the meantime, choosing “Remove component” will work to the same effect - you can add a new one in the same spot. If you have trouble with it still, let us know and we’ll be happy to replace it for you.



No problem - I’ve got this one. Thanks!