Pages Merging in Interface Builder


I’ve been using the Epicenter interface builder on the Vensim code from the Smart Watch example model to try out the builder. I have a number of pages in the setup shown in the image below

I create a new page (decisions_1.html) using a Decisions template.

I add some new text and save the page.

However, if I go back to my pages and select another page (eg decisions.html) and then return to my decisions_1.html the page now appears:

Screenshots of the problem are shown below

This has been happening with most of the new pages I’m creating, and when I try and save the pages and return to them they have usually reverted back to this state.

The browser I am using is Chrome Version 54.


Hi Alison,

Thank you for alerting us with the issue.

We are currently investigating how your changes are not being saved.

We will provide you with a status based on our investigation.


Thanks Geromel,

I’ve been having a bit more of a fiddle around with the interface builder using a new project called “builder test” (which uses a different vensim model). At first I thought the page merging problem was only occurring when I created new pages, but it seems that I’m now getting similar issues even with the basic pages that are automatically generated.

For example (screenshots shown below):

  1. I open up a new project and am given the 4 starting templates
  2. After clicking around and viewing (but not changing) the pages the Introduction page has become the Decisions page and the Dashboard page has become the Report page
  3. When I enter titles onto the Reports page and Decisions page and save them, these changes are carried across to the Introduction and Dashboard pages
  4. I created (and saved) a pie chart on the Dashboard page, but this did not carry across to the Report page
  5. When I closed out of the builder and re-opened it, the Dashboard page (previously Report) had been changed to the Decisions page, and the Decisions page (previously unchanged) had been changed to the Report page


When I go into the pages folder in the Interface, it appears the source code itself for the pages is being copied across.

I have had similar errors when using the builder on both firefox and chrome across two computers.

Let me know if your require any more information and thank you for looking into this.


Thank you Alison for providing more detail.

We are continuing to investigate this issue.
I maybe a timing issue when navigating between pages.

Have you tried to clear your cache/cookies or refreshing the browser when the issue occurs?

Geromel Grate

Hi Geromel,

Thank you for investigating this issue.

I have created fresh projects and tried clearing my cache/cookies and refreshing my browser when the error occurs on both Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately when using both browsers the page refreshes/returns to the way it was after the error occurred (with merged pages) and the pages continue to merge as usual after this.

Please let me know if you require any further information.


Hi Alison,

I am wondering if you have any available time tomorrow?
I have sent you an email earlier.
I look forward to your response via email.


I’m having the same problem
What’s the solution for this?
I downloaded the entire project, so I have been uploading the original page when this happens to preserve the work done.


Hi – apologies for the difficulties and the late response. We updated the interface builder with a fix last week that should prevent this issue in the future. Let us know if you see the problem again.