Problem accessing Interface Builder for a team project


I require to set up an authenticated project accessible through a login page. From the documentation, this is available only for team projects. When I create a new team project, I’m not able to access Interface Builder - when I click on the Interface Builder (beta) tab on the left of the screen this message - “This feature is only available in new projects. Create a new project and start using it!” is displayed.
For what it’s worth, I don’t have this problem (accessing Interface Builder) through a personal project.




Hi Aditya,

This usually means that your project already has files in it (maybe a login.html file?) - if you click on the “interface” tab in your project and delete the files there you should be able to start a new inerface builder simulation. If you let us know your team name we can also do this for you. Let us know if you have questions.




Hi Naren,
Our team name is SD Lab.
Thank you - your suggestion worked. After I deleted the files in the Interface tab, I was able to access Interface Builder.