Runs don't show - reports "runs are missing variables"


After I generate some runs and they display find, I come back later and only the baseline run shows. Epicenter reports that the other runs are not showing because the “runs are missing variables”. Why does this happen and is there a way to get the runs back without regenerating them? Thanks!



Hi Andrew,
To help further investigate, please provide us your project name that you are experiencing this issue.



The project name is Iterative Acquisition Management. Thank you for your help.



Sorry it is Iterative Acquisition Management Dynamics.



Hi Andrew,

In general, when you save a run in Epicenter, you need to explicitly whitelist the variables you want saved for that run; we don’t automatically save every single variable in the model because that’ll be really slow for large models, and also inefficient since you’ll typically be reporting a fraction of the variables.

In the interface builder this whitelist is dynamically created each time you add a new variable to a chart – i.e. if you:

  1. Create a run called Run1
  2. Create a chart plotting VariableA

you’ll get a message saying Run1 does not have VariableA saved and hence cannot be shown, which is probably what you’re seeing. Newer runs created after this point will show those variables.

If you already know all your reporting variables, you can get around the dynamic addition by explicitly whitelisting them in your model properties (Global Settings -> Model Settings) 26%20PM

Once you set this up, any new runs you create will automatically have these variables saved and you’ll no longer get the “missing variables” message.

Let us know if I misunderstood your issue, or if you’re still seeing this for new runs.