Setting an initial input value



I want to set an initial input value for my inputs, or leave them blank initially. I write the following:

 <input data-subscription-id="" name="quantity" id="Green" min="1" max="1000" required="" data-f-convert="#,###" data-ib-skip-decisionsnumberformat="true" data-f-bind="MWs to install in Green" type="number" value="10000">

However it does not work. It is for my project named “realnov_fp”. You can find the relevant code in main page, line 48 (and 55).

Thank you in advance



Hi Busra,

The initial value for input tags that include data-f-bind is the value from the model.

Simply set the variable in the model to be your desired initial value.

If you want the variable to appear to be blank, you could use a custom converter to format certain values to blank. For example, set the initial value in the model to “-1” and create a converter which displays -1 as a blank.