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I have a Vensim model with a very small time step (0.03125 years) and, up until now, I had set the “report every nth step” to “1”, so the reporting frequency is once every year. Depending on how far the game in Forio has progressed, I show bar graphs with a “data interval” of either “1” or “5”. I had thought this meant 1 year and 5 years, which it does in this particular case, but I realise it’s not how it works as;

I’ve just changed “report every nth step” to 0.25 (so, quarterly) and left the bar charts as is. The graphs now show quarterly output (where “data interval” was set to “1”), so it appears that “data interval” is a multiple of “report every nth step”. Fine. I’m now changing my bar graphs to show “data interval” as “4”, for annual output and “20” for 5-year output.

All great so far. Except I have tables also, which has previously been showing annual output (“data interval” = “1”). I don’t want the table to output quarterly, just annually, so I changed “data interval” to “4” for the table. It correctly showed the TIME column annually, and filled in the relevant data row by row. However, the data is incorrect. It appears to show data for each variable as if "“data interval” = “1” while TIME is correctly output annually. So, variables are still being output quarterly but not against the correct TIME value.

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Hi Lee!

What’s the sim URL?


Hi Lee–

Can you double check the URL? Unfortunately I don’t see it. (Also please tell me the page).

If you’d like to send it privately, you can email

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Hi Lee–

I just wanted to note that we have this listed as a bug in our queue, and will update this ticket when we update the site.


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