Type: com.forio.epicenter.grid.transformer.worker.ModelInitiationException. Please assist

I am not sure what these errors are and don’t know why I am getting them? Am I doing something wrong?

Please assist

Thank You


“ModelInitiationException” means the run couldn’t start. It is having permission issues accessing the current run.

Looking at this, I see the model changed from “WAREHOUSEMGMT-1.vmfx” to “diag1VMFX.vmfx”. The “current” run for the users specifies the old model, but it can’t find it.

I cleared out the current run in Postman with an API call:

DELETE https://forio.com/v2/multiplayer/world/0000017e7045574a191fbbf6921605b87ec1/run

(where the id above is for the multiplayer world)

Now it starts properly. There’s other error messages about incorrect variable names, but they aren’t related.

Thank You. It helped