Unable to add myself as facilitator

Hello! I have not been able to add myself as a facilitator to two of my groups. When I attempt to do that, it doesn’t seem to recognize me in the system and sends me a link to complete my registration. And when I click the link and create a username and password, it gives me an error that I need to log out of epicenter. And when I do that, it still doesn’t work. I was able to do a workaround one time, which was to add my co-facilitator for the group as a facilitator and then impersonate them. But that didn’t work twice. Can you help? My session is this friday and I need to download class results tomorrow.

Hi Kristen–

Be sure to use a different username than your author account name. For example, if you log into epicenter with “kbell@example.com” do not use that same email as your facilitator account. Either use a non email (kbell) or a different email.

Could that be it?


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Yes! That was it exactly. Thanks, Will!