Update multiple variables at once from UI - NOT from the model

Hi All,

Is there a way to update multiple variables at once from UI - NOT from the model? We would like to keep the model simple as much as possible.

We have radio buttons, and if user selects radio button #1 then update let’s say: time=5, impact=7, budget=100

Maybe custom JavaScript? This is closest which I found:

But still cannot find how to do it. Any additional code examples?

Thanks in advance.


Hi –

The Forio interface builder is focused on using the model to perform all calculations. Hence all inputs go to the model, and results are shown by the model.

I think what you are asking for is a way to manipulate user inputs without actually putting them in the model. The Forio libraries do not directly support this.

The link that you include is a way to show Forio variables in freeform text, which can be handy.

You can create javascript that will listen for changes in input fields and set variables. But this is outside of the scope of the interface builder – you’ll need some JavaScript expertise to do this.