Uploading a GIF



is there a way to upload GIFs?



Yes. You can add a GIF file by selecting ‘Image’ as your Media Type component within your Epicenter project.
This will give you the opportunity to upload & select a GIF file when using the Interface Builder.

Here’s an Example:
When using the Interface Builder for your Epicenter project

  1. Goto your Introduction template page
  2. Select ‘Click to add media’ component on Introduction page
  3. Select ‘Image’ for Media Type
  4. Select ‘Add new image’ button to upload image
  5. Use menu ‘Select existing image’ to select uploaded image
    Result: image will appear at the location of ‘Click to add media’ component (from step 2)


Well, that’s what I tried before I wrote, but I didn’t work. I could upolad the GIF, but I didn’t showed me more than the first picture…



Hi Produktion,

The UI builder currently supports static GIFs but not animated GIFs. Currently, the UI builder will only show the first image of an animated GIF.

Forio plans to support animated GIFs in the UI builder soon.

Best, Michael