User error - any ideas?

Hello! One of my users is experiencing the following error. He gets the same error on Chrome as on Microsoft Edge. Does this look familiar?



". I have successfully registered but can’t complete the simulation as get an “error”. There is an error message in the upper right corner of the page which just says “1 Error (then list time and says Unknown Error)”.

The page itself shows the “Introduction” text greyed out and there is a BLUE circle in the center that just continues to spin as if it is trying to connect but does not."


Hi Kristen,
Can you let us know which user is having difficulties for your Sim4? Is it your username or another user? We would like to run the Sim4 to try to reproduce the issue.

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Hi Kristen,

You mentioned this was a corporate user who was behind a strict firewall. When you impersonated his account you could play the sim for him.

We checked our logs and do not see helpful errors around this time.

You may be right that this was a network or firewall issue. We see this once in a while (though fairly rarely) that a corporate firewall will reject API calls from the simulation to the Forio servers.

If you have further events with this customer, we recommend they work with their IT organization to investigating. Their network should whitelist “” and “” servers, allowing all standard HTTP calls (GET/POST/PATCH/PUT/DELETE) as well as allowing long-keepalives for websockets.

We’d also be happy to do a phone call with you and/or end user and troubleshoot further.

Best regards, WILL

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Thank you very much! You’ve been helpful, as always.