Using page margins


I want to see that all the information in a page without scrolling down. That’s why I want to use page margins. Right now, I have something like this, where the space on left and right sides are really big. How can I update it?

Thank you.

Hi Busra,

It looks like you’ve customized the page editing the html (which is great) but since you’re positioning your content “absolutely” with CSS, there’s not a lot that can be done for layouts across screen-sizes. We’d recommend using a simple CSS framework like Bootstrap (which is what the Interface Builder outputs) to customize layout if you need to. Here are a few links to get started with that: explains the grid system has a quick tutorial on using it.

You can still use custom CSS for changing colors etc, or use some of the predifined classes shown here to get that automatically.

Alternatively you can take one of the input templates in the Interface builder, delete some of the html content in the second column and just add more html there if you need things side-by-side.


You can use this grid system to give the better positioning to the page.