Data Analytics Simulation

Strategic Decision Making

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Simulation Overview

Organizations of all sizes use data from operations and from customer & supplier interactions to improve their strategic and tactical decisions. In this simulation, students manipulate and analyze market data and performance measurement outcomes. Then, students employ these descriptive and predictive analytics to inform internal decisions within a consumer products company.

The Story

In this single-player simulation, students play the role of a product marketing manager for a brand of laundry detergent at a large consumer products firm. Students explore several years of existing data and formulate a marketing strategy. Next, they execute that strategy by making decisions about product pricing, target markets, inventory levels, and allocations of marketing and media spending over several simulated years. Students who make extensive use of the data and analytics to make their decisions will be more successful in sales, profit, and market share growth.

Learning Focus

  • Explore underlying factors and segments in data to develop a coherent marketing approach
  • Iteratively analyze and understand data
  • Recognize that predictions and forecasts are based on probabilistic assumptions

Topics Covered

  • Analytics
  • Decision Analysis and Decision Making
  • Improving Performance
  • Market Analysis and Marketing Strategy
  • Product Management

Additional Information


1 to 3 hours including introduction and debrief

This simulation is by Tom Davenport, Harvard Business School Publishing, and Forio

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