Integration of front-end with Angular

Is there a way to integrate the angular framework with the given python model? I saw a tutorial that said it’s framework agnostic. So can someone please help me with this?


Forio offers two different approaches for javascript development.

(1) Use Flow.Js, which allows you to mark up HTML tags in a manner similar to Angular. You specify model variable names in custom HTML attributes and the model data will automatically appear in the page.

(2) Epicenter.js library, a lower level JavaScript library, allows you to start simulations runs and get/send data via Javascript. This can work with any Javascript framework. We do not have a plugin or support Angular.js specifically, but you can build your Angular app and use the epicenter.js calls to get and send data to the model.

You can also call the webservice REST calls directly, although we recommend using epicenter.js instead. These calls are documented here: