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Epicenter REST APIs

The Epicenter REST APIs include functionality for working with particular runs and their data, and also for creating and administering users, groups, projects, and multiplayer worlds.

  • The Data API and an aggregate Run API are for end user interactions with particular runs and projects.
  • The User Management APIs let you create and look up end users and add them to groups with in your team and project. This section also includes administrative functionality around authentication and resetting passwords.
  • The Multiplayer APIs support projects where multiple end users share a single run and work together in the same virtual environment.
  • The Other APIs section includes "everything else" — such as account and project information and the set of Model APIs that underly the aggregate Run API, Epicenter.js, and Flow.js. (See Creating your User Interface for a high-level architectural diagram.)

The APIs are RESTful. They return data in JSON.

Index of Epicenter REST APIs