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An instance of a Run Manager with a baseline strategy is included automatically in every instance of a Scenario Manager, and is accessible from the Scenario Manager at .baseline.

A baseline is defined as a run "advanced to the end" using just the model defaults. The baseline run is typically displayed in the project's UI as part of a run comparison table or chart.

The baseline strategy looks for the most recent run named as 'Baseline' (or named as specified in the baseline.runName configuration option of the Scenario Manager) that is flagged as saved and not trashed. If the strategy cannot find such a run, it creates a new run and immediately executes a set of initialization operations.

Comparing against a baseline run is optional in a Scenario Manager; you can configure your Scenario Manager to not include one. See more information on using .baseline within the Scenario Manager.

See also: additional information on run strategies.

Constructor options

Required? Name Type Description
  baselineName string Name of the baseline run. Defaults to 'Baseline'.
  initOperation Array.<object> Operations to perform on each run to indicate that the run is complete. Operations are executed serially. Defaults to calling the model operation stepTo('end'), which advances Vensim, Powersim, and SimLang models to the end.