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Multiplayer APIs

Epicenter includes support for multiplayer "worlds." These are projects where multiple end users share a run and work together in the same virtual environment.

These APIs include:

  • Multiplayer Assign API, for automatically assigning end users to worlds, creating new worlds as appropriate.

  • Multiplayer Project API, for specifying, at a project level, how multiplayer worlds are configured.

  • Multiplayer World API, for manually linking end users together in multiplayer worlds, and for creating runs for each world.

  • Channel API, for sending and receiving messages within a project, group, or world.

  • Presence API is used by Epicenter internally to track whether end users are online or offline; notifications are sent to the group channel and world channel. Additionally, notification is sent to the presence channel, which is an Epicenter.js abstraction: special type of group channel that only listens to presence notifications. It is used primarily for multiplayer games.