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Key Concepts

Designing the user interface for your Epicenter project requires an understanding of how the different concepts of the platform relate to each other.

  • Projects are the primary units of organization in Epicenter. Projects can be created by individual Epicenter authors, or by teams. Projects typically include a model and a user interface.
  • Teams are collections of Epicenter authors developing a project together.
  • There are two types of users within Epicenter.
    • Authors can develop projects.
    • End users can play with projects through the interfaces created by authors, but do not have project authoring privileges.
      • End users are organized in groups, and can belong to one or more groups.
      • Each group is associated with one project created by a team.
      • End users may be facilitators, meaning they have access to all data for their group, or not, meaning they have access only to their own interactions with the project.

You can read additional details about these concepts in the Glossary.

In addition to these high level concepts, there are some intricacies about how these concepts are exposed in the Epicenter stack. In particular, before using the Epicenter APIs you should review: